1. What is Smart In Pays?
Smart in Pays is online company that specialized in Digital Payment, where each member can purchase and sell online. Smart In Pays engaged in partnership businesses, mostly concentrating on Digital Payment such as PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) for Water and Electricity Payment, Prepaid Vouchers, Internet payment, Airline Tickets, Train Tickets, Hotels, Shuttle Bus, Umroh & Tour Packages online.
2. How to become a member in Smart In Pays?
Smart In Pays provides 3 different joining package:
• Basic
• Advance
• Pro
Different package leads to different promotions and reduced product price.
3. What are the products being offered in Smart In Pays?
The products offered in Smart In Pays are:
- Accomodation (Hotels)
- Transportation (Flights, Trains, Shuttle Buses)
- Electric phone credit
- PPOB (Electric Bills, Phone Bills, Internet Bills, TV cable Bills, Water Bills, Multifinance, Insurance)
- Online Tour Packages and Umroh
4.Where can I download Smart In Pays application?
Smart In Pays App can already be downloaded in App Store and Google Play Store.
5. What are the benefits if I become a member of Smart In Pays?
- Smart Academy
- Competitive price
- Domestic and International Flight Tickets and Hotels
- A simple and user friendly system
- 24 hours customer support
- Free User (Without having to join you can still enjoy Smart In Pays product according to the terms and conditions applied)
6. What are Smart In Pays' strength?
You can get a very cheap price compared to other competitors and fast and easy transaction. With just one application, you can have all the benefits.
7. How to report troubles in application when purchasing?
Our customer service is ready to provide any help and assistance 24 hours. Please contact us through:
- Email: Provide your questions through the form listed in the FAQ section. We will immediately assist you with the information needed.
- Live Online Chat on Smart In Pays website and application.
8. How to use SMART IN PAYS apps?
Follow these steps to start using available services in the SMART IN PAYS apps.

1. For registration please download SMART IN PAYS Apps from App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Open SMART IN PAYS application, then register by clicking "SIGN UP" button located at the bottom.
3. Enter your name, email, phone number, password, date of birth, and REFERRAL CODE.

To get the Referral Code there are 2 ways: from the person referencing you directly and using Smart Connect Feature.
If nobody is referencing you directly then you can use Smart Connect feature in the following way:
3a. After fill in your personal data, click "Find Referral" menu located at the bottom of the registration form.
3b. After that, it will showing some referrals in the surrounding area. Choose Referral as you wish.
3c. If you have selected it please choose "Choose Referral"

4. Once it is filled with all the data, please click "Submit"
5. Check your registered email to verify your email address.
Congratulations! You are already a SMART IN PAYS user.

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